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1. What is Acupuncture?


Acupuncture is an art of curing disease by touching with right thought on the surface of the skin using a fine needle or the fingertip.  

This living system is more than 8000 years old.

The deficiency (stagnancy) in the meridians (energy flow path) of the internal organs is disease.  Acupuncture Pulse Diagnosis identifies the center of deficiency and then the chosen acupuncture point, by touching, relieves the disease.  Acupuncture helps the body in its natural process of getting healed from disease.


2. Acupuncture is inserting many needles and giving electric current to the body.  Is it correct?


As already said, touching in only one or two energy points by a fine needle or the fingertip is Acupuncture treatment. To be accurate the real acupuncture is, treating only by using the fingertip.  As, metal needles were not discovered in the earliest days of Acupuncture.

When Acupuncture system spread to other countries from China, it transformed according to the condition and requirement of those regions. Countries like America and Britain completely commercialized Acupuncture when it reached them.  Patients developed as customers to make business.  The result - Electrical Stimulators, Computer Meridian Diagnosis, Supplementary foods viz. Medicines, Blood Circulative Massagers, etc., came into the Market. Acupuncture has nothing to do with these items.


3. Is treatment required daily?


It is not necessary.  Treatment given once in 7-15 days gives good recovery.


4. Skipping the treatment once or twice, will it harm? 


The intensity of the disease in reduced in every treatment.  Skipping the treatment once or twice does not reduce the improvement already received. 

However, continue the treatment.


5. Approximately, how long will it take to know the difference in the body?


For few, from the day treatment started. Some will note the change suddenly after 4 or 5 weeks.


6. How long will it take for improvement to be seen from a treatment?


According to the condition of the disease in the body, patients get cured  even in the first treatment.  Some may get improvement in phases. 

Continue the treatment for further improvements.


7. What is the period for cure for a disease in Acupuncture?


There is cure no doubt.  You will feel better after few treatments.  It is advisable to take treatment until the condition of the body improves satisfactorily.  

The conditions of the body of all the patients are not unique.  Therefore, treatment period varies according to the condition of the individuals.


8. Should we bring all the test reports taken by us in Allopathy system?


Test reports are good for nothing.  Acupuncture treatment does not require it.  In human body, energy change takes place followed by chemical change.  Your test reports only identify these chemical changes.

It is useless to analyze the ever-changing chemical changes, as it cannot stabilize nor detect the energy change.  Spending millions of Rupees in numerous tests for the whole body is a wasteful exercise for it does not help any treatment.


9. Without taking tests how do we know we have cured?


It is so easy.  Patients tell some difficulties.  When problems and difficulties reduce they say, “Its better”.  No tests are required after this.  

The patients’ brain can be believed 100%.  What it says is only true.  Diagnosing equipment, machines and tests cannot equal a human brain.


10. It is said that the intensity of the disease increase initially and then decrease, is it true?


Yes, some patients may have it.  Consider this a good sign.  For example, a patient’s phlegm increases in the lungs and he coughs.  In this phlegm is the disease.  Cough is a symptom/action of the body to eliminate phlegm.

During treatment cough gets increase in some patients and phlegm eliminates.  This is the only way to get cure. The phlegm is produced in the body, transformed and eliminated. When not done it increases cough.  It is a positive change! 



11. Presently, we are taking drugs and medicines for our treatments.  Can we continue these drugs along with Acupuncture treatment?


Discarding drugs and medicines is the best option.  Drugs block the symptoms of the disease from reaching the brain and nervous system.  

It does not reduce the disease. Disease grows unchecked and uncontrolled underneath without showing any symptoms. 

So, stopping drugs does not harm. At least we will know the condition of the disease.


12. We do not see any improvement in the body even after taking six or eight sittings.Then, is the treatment useful or useless?

Yeah! Very few have this condition.  Those with less energy state (immune energy) take few months to show changes.  Sure, Acupuncture does activate them. 

They will be relieved from the disease suddenly without notice.


13. Do you have any diet control in Acupuncture treatment?

There is no diet control.


14. Particularly who can get benefits in this treatment?

Men and women in all age group i.e. from newborn babies to elderly persons will get benefit completely from this treatment.


15. For women, during menstrual periods can they take treatment? 


Of course, treatment during the menstrual cycle will also help in relieving all difficulties in those periods.


16. Can we take drugs for any fever or headache during Acupuncture treatment?


It is not required.  We know that waste stagnation, which develops in the body when not properly eliminated, is disease.  When he immune system (immune energy) is strengthened during Acupuncture treatment, it eliminates wastes i.e., fever or headache occurs.

This denotes treatment method is functioning well.  So, when fever, headache, vomiting, diarrhea occurs food should not be taken until these difficulties reduces.  This uneasiness will reduce on its own.

17. What are the diseases that gets cure in Acupuncture treatment? 


Acupuncture philosophies’ that all diseases are curable.  There is complete scope for this in acupuncture treatment. 

Disease related to eyes, headache, cold, sinusitis, problems in kidneys, disease related to heart, uterus, lungs, skin, bones, liver, gastritis, ulcer, blood, nerves, hormones, intestinal problems, etc., and many more diseases whatever are, there is cure in Acupuncture treatment. 

Acupuncture is the promise to the future medical world.


18. A patient having say 10 problems informs only five of them. The untold difficulties will it get cured? 

This is the specialty in Acupuncture pulse diagnosis.  The told and untold problems of the patients are all the symptoms of one disease.  Acupuncture pulse diagnosis identifies the root cause and the diseased organ. The treatment subsidizes all the symptoms on its own.


19. What is the specialty in this treatment? 


The nature of the disease somewhat can be understood by the difficulties said orally.  Small or big, any discomfort has a clear meaning in Acupuncture.


For example, saying, “he is sluggish”, it does not mean he is willingly lazy even if you beat or scold him.  The less energy in him makes inactiveness even if he desires to work.


Acupuncture is an energy-based method of treatment.  When there are changes in the energy level, disease develops.  Let us see the initial difficulties of disease in this stage:

  1. Excess sleep
  2. Frequent dreams in sleep
  3. Inactiveness after waking up
  4. Feeling asleep but cannot sleep.
  5. Cannot sleep again after waking up at night
  6. Headache after getting from sleep
  7. Loss of appetite
  8. Frequent hunger
  9. Heavy feeling in stomach after taking food
  10. Feeling to clear the bowels immediately after food
  11. Drowsiness after taking food   Etc.…


Treat these symptoms now.  Else, in less than 5 to 10 years a particular disease will have grown.


The specialty in Acupuncture method is that either in the initial stage or in the later stage, the disease can be rooted out.  This is a complete system of treatment.